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What is Patronite?

It's a program that supports creators, designers, activists, and people who are passionate about life. You can find our profile at this link DO NOGI na Patronite. The assumption is that people who want to support our business, give us an energetic kick and have become our patrons. We have established a few levels for which you will get great, extra gratifications from our side. You can read about everything on our profile. Support is monthly - from PLN 3! Every support counts for us. The payments are super safe and can be made automatically by PAY PAL - the transfer is set once and the amount will be automatically charged from the account, for traditionalists Patronite also offers a bank transfer.
If you like what we do, we will be very pleased if you would like to become our Patron. Quoting a classic - someone once said that together we can do more :)
We are at the beginning of our common journey to make the passionate collections come to your homes - people who are positively crazy, living with passion and enjoying each day. We have big plans, colorful and limitless ideas, commitment and motivation to act. We are charged with positive energy !

But reality is not always colorful. We have a lot of costs. We gave up jobs and contracts, we put everything on one card - Do Nogi. We believe that in the modern world there is room for creative and unique products. That people like you appreciate the quality of print and product, idea and work with passion. That's why you will also find us on Patronite.